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Solar Stack


We provide full solar installation through our partner DuroPro Solar:

As solar began to boom in Florida, the industry began experiencing major issues for homeowners and contractors in the form of holes and leaks. Traditionally, solar panels could only be attached to the roof by drilling anchoring screws through the roof, which would then void any existing roof warranty thus opening the homeowner up to damage and leaks.


After generations of development and years of rigorous testing, the perfect solution was created…..”Solar Stack”.  Solar Stack is a patented mounting pedestal that is used in conjunction with a code-approved foam adhesive. This combination makes Solar Stack the only solar panel mounting system to avoid roof penetrations while meeting the strictest wind codes in North America.


Tim Graboski is the Solar Stack inventor.  He is the owner of Tim Graboski Roofing since 1989.  He is a board member of both the Florida Codes Committee and Energy Technical Advisory Committee. 

(Include the logos at the bottom of the Solar Stack website i.e. FPA, Miami-Dade County, Made in the USA, 25 Year Warrantee)

(602) 739-3425

Phoenix, AZ * Warsaw, IN * Russellville, AR * Denver, CO * Temecula, CA * Providence, RI * Lincoln, NE * Kansas City, MO * Burlington, TX

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